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is a private Canadian corporation founded in 1964. Our International Headquarters are located in London, Ontario, Canada. A centrally located city with a population of 350,000.

Canchilla Associates Limited is a corporation focussed on the brokerage of chinchilla fur skins worldwide. We are committed to providing a place where the chinchilla rancer can sell their product at a fair market value. We deliver also to the International Fur and fashion trade a commitment to be the world's best for service and quality of matched, brightened chinchilla fur skins.

Canchilla Associates Limited is one of the world'd oldest and largest chinchilla fur brokerage corporations. The management team with over 100 years combined experience, has and excellent reputation with both the chinchilla rancher and furriers all over the world, leader this corporation to handle between 70,000 - 100,00 fur skins per year.

Canchilla Associates Limited at present has developed relationships and markets in more than 25 countires around the world. Although we are enjoying a good share of the market we are always looking for new markets and new ranchers in order to meet the demands of the international chinchilla industry.

Countries include:

· United States of America · Canada
· China · Japan · Korea
· Germany · Italy · France · Great Britain · Spain · Portugal · Greece
· Czech Republic · Poland · Hungary · Slovakia
· Argentina · Brazil · Chile · Mexico

Canchilla Associates Limited is the marketing group that leads the way.
We can, and will do better for you.

Introducing our new XX- Large Chinchilla fur skins. These new skins deliver the same quality and attention to detail that Canchilla has been known for…
Canchilla opens Chinese market with industry first deal with Yo-Mi Hung Industries of Hong Kong…
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