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Chinchilla fur is, quite simply, one of the most beautiful furs in existence. Native to South America, it is bred in North America and Europe. Its luxuriant look and velvety texture are due in no small measure to the more than 80 fibres that grow from each follicle in contrast to most fur-bearing animals whose fur is characterized by just one hair per follicle. Chinchilla is also a enormously resilient fur, highly resistant to breakage.

In Natural Living Colour

Variations that occur naturally in the course of evolution give breeders and ranchers the chance to present the beauty of chinchilla fur in a stunning array of colours. Nature provides the colours, and selective breeding refines these. Canchilla Associates offers a full range of colours with expert matching.

Practical and Beautiful

Chinchilla fur is not only highly desirable but also surprisingly affordable. A steady, sustainable supply is assured by ranchers who pay special attention to nutritional and environmental concerns. Advanced dressing techniques make chinchilla fur a furrier's dream, since the pelt is pliable and easy to work with.

A rare jewel of delicate beauty, a chinchilla garment is a lifetime treasure. It is easy to clean with a dusting of talc and a simple process can rejuvenate its sheen after many years of pleasure. Light, warm, dense and durable, chinchilla fur simply has no equal. And Canchilla Associates is the world's top supplier of quality chinchilla fur skins.

Our double extra Chinchilla fur shins allow you greater flexibility in your garment designs. These skins are available in a variety of grades, drop us a line if you would like more info.
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